Snoop Dogg is not a fan of the NFL's uniform rules, especially when it comes to footwear. The rapper, who is also an Adidas partner that's designed several football cleats with the brand, told Sole Collector exactly what he thought of the policy that's been keeping players from wearing custom shoes, or any colorful footwear for that matter, during games.

"I think that's some bullshit. The NFL is full of shit with them rules and regulations. They make so much money off the players and endorsements and sponsors. They should let the players do whatever they want to. If this player has an endorsement deal with this company, he should be entitled to wear what he wants—whether it's the color of the uniform or not," Snoop said. "That’s just business. That’s just like your forcing them to wear headphones and certain shit that is branded for the NFL, they should have the right to do what they want to do as players."

According to the NFL rulebook, shoes must be approved by the league and the only colorways allowed are black, white, and one team color. Even the laces have to be the same as the dominant color of the tongue. All players on the same team must wear shoes with the same dominant color. Logos, names, or other commercial identification on shoes are not allowed to be visible either, unless advance approval is granted by the NFL. 

Custom cleats have been an ongoing storyline this NFL season with many players wearing them during pre-game warmups. The league's reaction to players wearing them have also been a story, with several players getting hit with fines or threatened with fines and suspensions over their shoes. 

As a possible sign of things to come, the NFL is actually allowing players wear alternate cleats in Week 13 this season. Snoop is optimistic the NFL will be more progressive with their rules like the NBA has been in the past few years.

"I think things will change in due time because the players are getting hip and they're getting smart and they understand that they gon' do it anyway," he said. "The [NFL] is not going just keep fining these players. It’s definitely hurting the league, because it’s watering it down. It’s always been a game that was ran by the players, not by the people up top."