With extra time on his hands due to the quarantine brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, LeBron James went live on Instagram last night to discuss a handful of topics—including sneakers.

Among the highlights from the discussion was him revealing some of his favorite Nike signature sneakers throughout his playing career—a list that included the Air Zoom GenerationLeBron 7LeBron 8, LeBron 15 as well as the LeBron 4, which he believes to be an underrated model in his line. "I think they were before their time," says James about his fourth signature shoe. "A lot of people weren't feeling them when they came out, but now looking back on them, they were before their time. That Foamposite—that silhouette was crazy." He also added in the LeBron 2, saying it was one of his most comfortable pairs. 

Along with reflecting on his past footwear styles, James gave fans insight into what may be dropping in the future including hinting at more Space Jam-themed kicks coming soon. Check out the video below for more: