Last week, it was reported that a truck filled with Nike and Christian Louboutin shoes was parked in an underprivileged Chicago neighborhood in an effort to 'bait' residents into stealing them. The operation was exposed through social media, prompting intense public backlash directed at city and its officials, Now, the transportation company responsible for the truck is apologizing for its involvement.

According to Vox, Norfolk Southern has issued a statement, in which it says the company doesn't plan on using the method in the future.

“Norfolk Southern recognizes that, despite the need to safeguard freight in the area, this operation eroded trust between law enforcement and the community,” said spokesperson Susan Terpay. “We sincerely regret that our actions caused further unease, and we don’t plan to use this method in the future.”

Norfolk Southern received assistance from the Chicago Police Department for the operation.

Terpay says the company conducted the operation due to a large amount of complaints of cargo theft received from members of the Englewood community. She added that there's been ongoing theft from parked and locked containers and trailers in the neighborhood. Norfolk Southern is hopeful that community relations can be improved.

“We welcome a dialogue with the community,” Terpay said, “and we already have reached out to local officials to discuss how best to prevent freight theft, improve community relations, and rebuild mutual trust.”