One of the more surprising stories to come out of the this year's NBA Playoffs is the emergence of Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier. Filling in for an injured Kyrie Irving, Rozier has had multiple big games this postseason. When he wasn't expertly trolling Milwaukee Bucks point guard Eric Bledsoe and wearing a Drew Bledsoe New England Patriots jersey, "Scary Terry" was helping lead the C's to currently being within one win of the Eastern Conference Finals. You also might have noticed Rozier has been wearing some exclusive Kyries from night-to-night. As it turns out, they are actually straight from Irving's closet.

According to ESPN, Irving gave Rozier eight pairs of his sneakers prior to the start of the playoffs. The All-Star point guard invited his replacement over for a pep talk before the postseason kicked off and also let him choose some shoes from his closet to wear. Among the pairs he borrowed were the gold and green clover-covered "Luck" Kyrie 3 and "London" Kyrie 4—both exclusive pairs in their own right. 

"I go to his house every chance I get," Rozier told ESPN. "You got a guy like that who's with Nike and gets all the free stuff with Nike and all that. I'm going to take advantage, too."

Kyries are not the only shoes Rozier has worn. He has also hit the floor in custom Nike Kobe A.D. Mids created by a local New England high schooler Dylan Robie that sport his "Scary Terry" character on the side. 

Through 10 games, Rozier is averaging 19 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 6.5 assists per game. Clearly, he's a talented player, but maybe lacing up Kyrie's personal pairs is that extra something helping him continue to push this young Boston Celtics squad through the playoffs.