If there's anybody in the world more unwilling to let an unimportant dispute die down than Donald Trump, it's Big Baller Brand CEO LaVar Ball. The back-and-forth stems from Trump claiming involvement in freeing Ball's son LiAngelo from Chinese jail and Ball's refusal to express any gratitude. While Trump has moved on to issues like pushing through a scam tax bill and taking more land from Native Americans, Ball insists on pushing forward with this feud.

Earlier today, Ball tweeted an animated short, in which he's shown dunking over Trump with the hash tag #TheTrumpDunk. The best part is that he's fully decked out in Big Baller Brand gear, including a pair of ZO2s.

Trump can't resist involving himself in these types of situations, so it's only a matter of time before he fires back at Ball. Earlier this week, Ball claimed that he sent Trump three pairs of ZO2 sneakers, but never received a "thank you."