LaVar Ball landed the latest blow in his ongoing war of words with Donald Trump today when he told CNN during an interview that he's sent three pairs of Big Baller Brand ZO2s—in red, white, and blue—to the White House, but had yet to receive a thank you. 

After stating that he still hadn't learned anything about Trump’s claimed involvement in the release of his son LiAngelo from Chinese custody, stemming from a shoplifting incident, Ball claimed to make the patriotic gesture anyway "to ease him up a little bit."

Despite the perceived lack of appreciation for his gift, Ball appears to once again be taking the high road with his nemesis. “I ain’t gon’ stress it out. 1600 Pennsylvaniathe shoes are there,” Ball proclaimed. “They a hot item.”

As for what Ball thinks happened to his gifts, he was confident in their whereabouts. "He know he got them shoes, and I'll tell you what, behind closed doors I think he's got 'em on his feet, just dancin'." Check out the full exchange in the video below.