What does the ceiling look like for resale prices of rare Kanye West sneakers? Footwear consignment destination Flight Club is suggesting a bold $100,000 with this just-listed sample of the Air Yeezy 1, West's first signature silhouette with Nike.

This isn't the first time this shoe has surfaced for sale; New York City consignment store Rare Pair listed this pair on Ebay in 2016 for $65,000, but doesn't appear to have successfully sold the shoe. The description for that listing describes the sneaker as a one-of-one and the first pair of Air Yeezy sample ever made.

Like the Ebay pair, Flight Club's is a size 12, which suggests that it's the same sneaker.

While this Nike Air Yeezy 1 colorway was never released to the public, the shoe doesn't feature too many drastic changes that set it apart from the retail version of the shoe that dropped in 2008.

Nike Air Yeezy Glow Sample Profile
Image via Flight Club
Nike Air Yeezy Glow Sample Heel
Image via Flight Club
Nike Air Yeezy Glow Sample Sole
Image via Flight Club