While Puma has released plenty of collaborative sneakers with Philly rapper Meek Mill since signing him in 2012, the brand has been quiet on projects with him in 2017. The reason for that is revealed in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, in which Meek confirms that the deal is done.

"We don't really get down with it no more like that," he says. "We done moved on."

The rapper goes on to say that while he was in his Puma deal, he didn't restrict himself to wearing Puma sneakers. That famously manifested in a hilarious Instagram photo from Nicki Minaj in which she blurred out Meek's Air Jordans, presumably to keep him from getting in trouble with Puma.

Puma has had massive success with artist-based collaborations like its ongoing one with Rihanna, but never captured that same excitement around its Meek Mill sneakers.