How to Ball Like Barack Obama (in 2009)

Happy 56th to the 44th.


For the first time in eight years Barack Obama is celebrating his birthday from outside the Oval Office. This newfound freedom has not only allowed him some hard-earned rest and relaxation, but also opened up new fashion possibilities.

While in office, Obama stuck mostly to wearing suits and that leather bomber jacket. But he now has the opportunity to get fresh in the finest threads that unemployed-American-citizen money can buy. Then again, he didn't exactly impress the few times he ditched the suit while he was in office.

Case in point, his pickup 'fit for a hoop session at Fort McNair back in 2009. Throughout the years, he's been gifted with everything from Jordans to Yeezys, but he stepped on the court wearingyou'll see. For President Obama's 56th birthday, we're showing you how to dress exactly like him if you were going for his '09 on-court look.

Hover over the dots below to discover the finer points of President's Obama's pickup style from 2009.

​Image via WikiCommons