He has a touchdown in today's game against the Miami Dolphins, but New England tight end Patriots Martellus Bennett hasn't been happy with everything as of late.

Yesterday, one of the NFL's most outspoken players went on a lengthy rant about Adidas, specifically targeting the brand's customer service on the exclusive merchandise website for endorsed players and reps. Bennett finds the process to place an order a bit tedious, saying that he'd rather have an owl deliver his purchase. Seriously. He added that Nike's website, while not perfect, provides a better user experience and even teased making the jump to Under Armour.

After wearing custom Air Jordan 7 cleats for the past few seasons, Bennett says he's currently signed with Adidas, though probably not for long. In recent weeks, he's been wearing cleats by Reebok, an Adidas subsidiary. With a history of foot injuries, Bennett is very specific about his game cleats.

Bennett's rant later shifted to NFL shoe deals in general, saying that players are essentially used for their likeness and there's no real money to be made unless you're a quarterback.