There's something about nostalgia. No matter how grown up you are, there are always certain relics that just bring out the wonderment of being a child. This is why the auto-lacing Nike Mag is one of the most coveted and talked-about sneaker releases of 2016. It transcends the genres of not just sneakers, but pop culture and modern innovation.

As limited as the Mag is going to be, certain sneakerheads are actually getting a chance to try them out without having to win Nike's charity raffle. Only 89 pairs will be available to the general public via the raffle and auction raising funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, but there’s one place where the general public can witness the power laces in action: Nike’s 45 Grand St space in New York City. We surprised nine unsuspecting visitors of the Nike Mag exhibit with a chance to trial the Back to the Future shoes. Here were there unfiltered initial reactions.

If you’re in the New York area, there’s still time to visit the space. The Nike Mag exhibit is open on Friday from 1 to 5 p.m.