Adidas delivered on the promise of its SpeedFactory concept on Wednesday with the unveil of a new made-in-Germany sneaker. The model, called the Futurecraft MFG (Made for Germany), was produced at the brand's first SpeedFactory in Ansbach, Germany.

Adidas' SpeedFactories aim to create quicker, more personalized, and more localized means of sportswear production. The concept was introduced by Three Stripes exec Eric Liedtke in June, 2015.

The adidas Futurecraft MFG uses full-length Boost tech, a new torsion bar on bottom, and a Primeknit upper.

Adidas' press release for the shoe describes it as a "statement of intent" product. This wording makes it sound like, as has been the case with other Futurecraft shoes, the shoe may not be releasing at retail.

The brand will bring SpeedFactories to the U.S. soon, with one planned for Cherokee County, Atlanta.

Adidas Futurecraft MFG

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Profile

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Heel

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Toe

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Heel Detail

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Detail

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Side

Adidas Futurecraft MFG Sole Detail