Instagram is still a go-to source for the hypebeasts and amateur photographers out there looking to one-up their friends. It’s a perfect resource for young sneakerheads—a place they can congregate to show off their latest pickups and revel with those of us who have it better. It’s one of the few places that’ll give us a look inside the style offerings of everyone from LeBron James to Young Thug. Within the current marketplace, for both personalities and brands, it’s an essential.

A recent study revealed there’s a new king in town. Snapchat has now surpassed IG when it comes to the amount of time spent on the app by users, and is second overall only to Facebook. That shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise; every few years an innovative social network takes over, bequeathing others to follow in its footsteps, and right now, nothing is growing as quickly as the Snap.

Considering the demographic that is using it and how ideal the platform is for showing off sneakers, it likely won’t be long before Snapchat is a major part of breaking news within the culture. Some brands–like adidas–are already doing it.

With that in mind, we rounded up some of our favorite sneaker-related Snapchat accounts to give you a crash course in who you should be following right now. Also, be sure to follow sole-collector for exclusive sneakers,
behind-the-scenes NBA coverage, and special eventsHere are 12 more must-follow accounts.