RISE NY continues to tell meaningful stories with its sneaker collaborations with the introduction of its "Desert Mirage" project with BrandBlack.

This collaboration was inspired by RISE NY co-founder Chase Peso's time overseas with the United States Air Force. In Peso's own words, this collaboration "​needed a clean silhouette that didn't have much social expectation or history," and they landed on a stripped down execution of BrandBlack's Mirage silhouette.

They're covered in a suede camo that recalls the patterns one may begin to see in the sand and rocks after a lengthy period in the desert heat. "​It’s a small way to remember that landscape, but one we can wear and take with us," Peso said.

Only 240 pairs of the RISE NY x Brand Black Mirage "Desert" will be $150 and launch this Friday, July 15 at noon EST at RISE45.com