Counterfeit money is yet another thing you need to be wary of when selling sneakers, as we're now hearing about the second similar case in as many months.

A Tenafly, N.J., man tells police that he arranged a deal on Facebook to sell two pairs of Air Jordans for $400. The sneakers in question weren't your everyday pairs, either—they were "Mocha" Jordan 3s from 2001 and a pair of "Black/Varsity" 6s which dropped in 2010, according to

After meeting up with the buyer, the seller drove away, but later realized he had been duped with four counterfeit $100 bills. He contacted police, who were able to identify the buyer as Kirk McIntosh of Englewood, N.J. McIntosh ended up turning himself in and was charged with theft.

In April, a similar scam took place in Buffalo, N.Y. In that case, the money wasn't actually counterfeit, but the seller accepted phony cash that was labeled "for motion picture use only."