Nowadays, any great sneaker is a candidate to be heavily counterfeited. No shoe is knocked off more than the Air Jordan, particularly pairs to resell for high dollar amounts. But this isn't anything new — in fact, Jordans have been replicated from the beginning.

Recently, collector Rolo Tandeo aka dunksrnice, showed off a two extremely rare knockoff "Chicago" Air Jordan 1s from 1985. Pictured alongside the actual OG pair, the Honors Sport and Pro-Joggs make-ups are unmistakable replicas, the most noticeable difference being brand logos in place of the Swooshes and Nike Air.

What's different about these pairs and the fakes we're accustomed to today is that the companies weren't trying to sell customers on these being actual Air Jordan 1s, but rather their own, likely cheaper version of the same shoe. Previously, our own MJO23DAN reviewed a Sang brand Air Jordan 1 knockoff in the same colorway. One has to wonder how many different variations actually exist.

Honors Sport Fake Air Jordan 1

Pro-Joggs Fake Air Jordan 1