by Brendan Dunne

Fake Air Jordans are nothing new – from when the Air Jordan 1 first arrived on the feet of Michael Jordan, bootleggers were scrambling to capitalize with their own designs.

One of the earliest copies ones was Sang's look-alike that appears in the video above from our own MJO23DAN. The sneaker borrows everything from the iconic Chicago colorway to the shape, although it takes a break on the branding by transforming the side Swoosh into an arrow.

While the Sang "Jordans" are by no means celebrated, they're still tough to track down and are something of a sneaker artifact.

As mentioned by MJO23DAN in the video, other companies like Stadia and XJ9000 sought to create knockoff Jordans in the early days of Michael Jordan's signature Nike line.

Sang Jordan 1 Korea