If you've been a longtime sneakerhead, chances are you've thought about what sneakers you'd like to one day get married in and maybe also what sneakers you'd like to be buried in. Well, in a story reported by Daily Mail, we know exactly what kicks one man in Puerto Rico is taking to his grave.

Let me preface this by saying the following story could possibly be disturbing to some of your younger readers and those bothered by images of dead people.

With that said, a 26 year old man named Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato was shot 15 times and killed outside of his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico earlier this month. In lieu of a traditional funeral, Diaz Beato's family opted to have their loved one embalmed, propped him a chair, and dressed him in some of his favorite things which included a Polo rugby, a pair of the Air Jordan VII Retro 'Nothing But Net," and what looks like a joint in his hand. If that wasn't creepy enough, the funeral home also decided to leave Diaz Beato's eyes open as a surprise for his family.

In regards to the family's decision for the unconventional funeral, the deceased's sister, Ihizz Diaz Beato, stated, "We didn't want to see him lying in the coffin. We wanted something different. And also, we wanted him to be remembered by his friends and family the same way he was when he was alive."

Local authorities have no leads at the moment and are actively investigating the circumstances behind Diaz Beato's death. 

Those interested in viewing video and additional images from Diaz Beato's funeral can do so at their own discretion below: