General Rules

Agreement to rules
You are bound by all the rules listed on this page. We reserve the right to modify these rules listed on this page. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any given time without warning. Failure to abide by these rules will result in your account being banned or suspended, with or without prior warning. Please be aware that some forums have a separate set of rules, which apply in addition to the rules listed below. All rules apply to publicly posted comments, as well as private messages.

We strive to be a board for both the seasoned collector as well as those new to the hobby. Please keep in mind that everyone deserves your respect. Continued negativity, flaming, and/or disrespect to any members will result in a ban from the board, with or without prior warning. In addition, our staff devotes their free time to improving this board, and they deserve your utmost respect. Any disrespect to any staff members will result in an immediate ban, without warning.

Whether you are directly attacking a member (“flaming”), or posting snide, sarcastic, and/or mean-spirited remarks, we take a firm stance against continued negativity. Constructive criticism is always encouraged, however, we expect our members to contribute in a positive manner. Continued negativity may result in a ban from the board, with or without warning.

Multiple and shared accounts
Registering multiple accounts or sharing an account with someone else is strictly prohibited. Selling, trading, or buying an account is prohibited as well. The person who registers an account is considered the owner of the account.

If you are having login problems, please ()SEE HERE. Users with multiple or shared accounts will have all associated accounts banned from the board, without exception.

Account responsibility
You are responsible for any and all activity by your account. It is up to you to secure your account by logging out in public places, not sharing your home computer and never giving out your password. Change your password often and understand that if you decide to let others use your home computer and another user who has accessed the board using your computer is banned, your IP address will be banned as a result.

Bans and suspensions
If you are banned or suspended from the board you are PROHIBITED from re-registering, using another member’s account, or attempting to access the board in any way. We leave the door open for users to be unbanned, provided those terms are not violated.

Counterfeit products
The promotion or sale of counterfeit products is prohibited, and will result in an immediate ban, without warning. This is in addition to our Marketplace rules which state that listing counterfeit products, whether knowingly or not, will result in a ban. It is required to post a Legit Check before listing in the Marketplace.

File sharing
Posting links to warez, serial numbers, albums, or any other copyrighted material is prohibited. Posting information on how to acquire copyrighted material is prohibited, as well as any discussions regarding these websites and applications.

Prohibited topics
Any discussion on illegal activities, including pornography, is prohibited. External links to any site which contains pornography, file sharing, advocates drug use, etc. is prohibited. This is a family oriented site, and we have a wide range of members who visit from home, work, and elsewhere.

Avatars should not reference drug use, contain partial or full nudity, profanity, or anything of an offensive nature. If you are unsure of whether your avatar fits this criteria, please message a Mod/Admin.

Userame changes
Username changes are not permitted at this time. Note that multiple accounts are strictly prohibited, so creating a new account to satisfy a username change will result in a ban for both accounts.

Rules for Posting

“Gravedigging” is when one posts in an old thread, bringin an already discussed topic to the op of the forum. This is not tolerated. In general, if a thread is more than two pages deep, do not post in it! This keeps the forums fresh with new topics. Users who are “gravedigging” will have ALL their posts deleted, without warning, and may be suspended as well.

Free Posting
“Free posting” (or “postwhoring”) is posting non-contributive posts, usually to boost post count. Usually it means posting an excessive number of times in a short period of time, although it can occur over a long period of time as well. We expect members to only post when they can add insight into a particular discussion. “Free posting” includes posting short responses with no insight. Users who are “free posting” will have ALL their posts deleted, without warning, and may receive a suspension as well.

Post in the correct topic
Carefully review the forums and their descriptions, then pick out the forum that best fits your desired topic. Please be aware of "official" topics, and use an "official" thread if one already exists. A mod may lock topics if similar topics already exist.

Derogatory comments
Comments offensive in nature to one’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion are strictly prohibited. We encourage constructive discussion on controversial issues, however, the use of offensive language is prohibited. This includes the use of the word "rape" (used as a synonym for "overpriced") and "gay" (used as a synonym for "stupid"). Members who violate this rule will be banned, with or without prior warning.

Any type of personal attacks or "flame wars" of any degree are prohibited. This applies to posts as well as private messages. Members who violate this rule will be banned, with or without prior warning.

We encourage retailers to create one promotional thread in the Member Only forum, and use that thread for site and store updates. You may also promote a website in your profile using the signature field. However, any links or promotional posts in any other place is prohibited. If you are providing information from another website, please copy-paste the information instead of simply posting a link. Users who are found to be spamming will be banned, without warning.

Personal information
It is strictly prohibited to post any personally identifiable information, such as name, address and phone number. To protect one another's privacy, this type of info should not be posted under any circumstances.

Selling outside Marketplace
It is strictly prohibited to attempt to sell, trade, or seek items outside of the Marketplace. Posting listings and wanted threads outside of the Marketplace will result in a warning, followed by a ban for continued violations.

Board bashing
We are part of the greater sneaker community and every website helps create a vast network of resources for the sneaker enthusiast. Attacking other websites and message boards is counterproductive and strictly prohibited. Those found to be board bashing will result in a warning, followed by a ban for continued violations.

Duplicate topics
Please post a new thread only once and only in one forum. Do not post in multiple forums in hopes of receiving a faster response as your additional topics will be locked or deleted. If you "double post" (accidentally post the same thing twice), please edit one of the posts and the topic will be locked or deleted by a moderator.

Marketplace: Listings and Wanted

Multiple listings
Creating multiple listings of the same item is prohibited. Each listing should include one item and one item only. Creating one listing of multiple items is also prohibited.

Asking prices
When creating new listings, please enter a proper asking price. Prices should reflect whatever U.S. dollar amount you are willing to accept. Listings that have improper asking prices ($1, etc) will be removed - unless it is an amount you are willing to accept.

Keyword spamming
Keyword spamming is strictly prohibited. This occurs when a listing contains product names in the title and/or description to boost search impressions (ie., "Jordan IV III XI Air Max Nike"). The title/description should accurately reflect the product being sold.

Counterfeit items
Variant and counterfeit items are prohibited from being listed, sold, or traded. Both users should perform a Legit Check BEFORE selling, trading, or purchasing any items. Any members posting counterfeit items in the Marketplace, whether intentionally or not, will be banned without exception or warning.

Members with -5 feedback are banned from the Marketplace and should be avoided at all costs. Please scan a member’s feedback profile before engaging in transactions.

Risk of using Marketplace is not responsible for any transactions made on this website. The Marketplace Safety Gide is required to be followed for all transactions. Deviating from the Marketplace Safety Guide relinquishes your right to file a dispute.

Marketplace: Listings

Picture requirements
At least two clear paper tagged pictures are required of each item you are listing. Visible in each picture must be a piece of paper with your username written on it. A paper tag is required. Having an object "represent" your tag is not in compliance with this rule. You may use Flickr/Photobucket or another external image hosting site in the "additional information" field in your listing. Pictures must be of your actual items. Stock photos or another user’s pictures will not suffice. Stealing pictures may result in a ban from the board.

Ownership of items
You must be the owner of ALL items you post! Listing items on behalf of another person will result in a ban without warning. If you are listing for another user who is not eligible to list in the Marketplace, both users will be banned from the board without warning.

Post requirement
You must be member for at least 90 days AND have at least 50 posts to create a new listing. No exceptions. Free posting to reach 50 posts is not tolerated and will result in a ban.

Information to include
Detailed information about the item is required. It is required to include all details on the condition of the items, including marks, scuffs, paint chips, etc. Simply stating "check pictures for condition" does not suffice. For electronics, the item must be in full working condition upon arrival unless stated otherwise. Pictures must be shown in the off and on position. You must also provide a tagged photo showing the item’s serial number. Failing to report any information regarding an item is prohibited and considered fraud and will result in a ban.

Prohibited items
The Marketplace is for physical items only. Sellers MUST physically have an item in hand in order for a listing to exist. Services (restorations, repairs, etc.) are prohibited to be listed. Stolen property, weapons and any items prohibited in some or all U.S. states, including by age or permit (drugs, fireworks, alcohol, etc.), are prohibited as well. Raffles, contests, and other gimmicks are prohibited. Any members found to be listing prohibited items will be banned.

Editing listings once complete
Once an offer has been reached, do not delete any pictures or details from the listing as they are needed for reference. Doing so is considered fraud and will result in a ban.

Unauthorized payment methods
All transactions in the Marketplace are to be done using PayPal. Any other payment methods, such as, money orders, cash, and wire transfers are prohibited.

Marketplace: Wanted

Use of Wanted forums
Attempting to use the Wanted categories to sell or trade your items is strictly prohibited. These categories should be used to list items you are currently looking for, not items you currently have. First time violations will result in a ban.

Marketplace: Transactions

What counts?
Offer Discussions must occur within our Marketplace system, and not through another website. Offer Discussions must be current transactions; creating an Offer Discussion for a retroactive transaction is strictly prohibited. Additionally, they must only involve two parties. Having a third person involved in the Offer Discussion in any way (receiving/sending a parcel or payment, for example) is prohibited unless it is an approved participating Admin from the Sneaker Exchange program.

Positive/Neutral/Negative ratings
Please leave a feedback rating that you feel is warranted. Leave a negative feedback ONLY when absolutely necessary. Unwarranted feedback is not tolerated. This can be retaliatory feedback (negative/neutral feedback left in retaliation) or any feedback that is deemed to be unwarranted. If you receive feedback which you believe to be unwarranted, please contact a Mod/Admin.

A "flake" is when one of the parties in an Offer Discussion does not hold their own in a transaction. This often refers to a buyer not sending payment or a seller not sending a package. We cannot take one's personal life circumstances into account. You are responsible for all communication within your transactions, and must face the consequences regardless of the reason. Successful transactions should typically take a week max.

Sellers - If the buyer flakes, please finalize the Offer Discussion and leave appropriate feedback. If retaliatory feedback is left by the buyer, please contact a Mod/Admin.

Buyers - If a seller does not uphold the terms of their Offer Discussions and/or communication is going in circles or has been lost, please Contact Us.

Please note that users with 3-5 flakes may be banned for failure to withhold the terms of their Offer Discussions.

If you have any transaction disputes, try to resolve them privately with the other member. is not responsible for any transaction made within or outside of our site. We do our best to mediate disputes when the Marketplace Safety Guide is followed, therefore, please Contact Us. When it is ignored, we are unable to assist.

Offer Discussions on the same computer
Although our feedback system is automated, the staff frequently check Offer Discussions to ensure they meet all the requirements to receive feedback. Offer Discussions involving friends, family, or any user using the same computer are considered fake and are strictly prohibited. Any Offer Discussions where both users have the same IP address will result in a ban for both users, without warning. This applies whether it is a legitimate transaction or not.

Who can finalize
Only the seller can finalize an Offer Discussion. The staff will NOT finalize an Offer Discussion for you, nor will they leave feedback on the other member's behalf. Therefore, if you are the responding party, you may not receive feedback on an Offer Discussion where the seller refuses to finalize.

Unique feedback
Your total feedback number reflects unique feedback only. This means that if user x makes a deal with user y and feedback is exchanged, the feedback number will reflect this. If a second deal is made between x and y, and feedback is exchanged, the number in your feedback profile will not change. This is done to prevent "breaking up" single transactions (when users divide one Offer Discussion into multiple Offer Discussions to receive multiple feedback).

The statistics box
The information on your feedback page with your recent feedback statistics (including month/six month/twelve month stats) is cached, meaning it is updated about once every two days. If any changes are made to your feedback profile, it will take about two days for these changes to be reflected.

Note on older feedback
Note that any feedback prior to 8/8/06 has been transferred as all positive feedback, and does not have the normal feedback rating system that is in place now.