Login and Registration Issues 

I’m having trouble logging in.
First, make sure you are entering the correct username and password. You can use the SignUp form Forgot Password link at the top of any page to reset your password. You will need to enter the email you used to register for the site. If you’re still having trouble try ALL these steps, in this order.

1. Reactivate your account using the “SoleID -  Forgot Password” link on the login page. Make sure you are entering the correct email of your account and that the email is not arriving in your spam/junk folder.
Check your cookies settings and make sure it is set to “accept all.”
Clear all of your cookies. See here for instructions how.
Reset your router and/or modem, as well as your computer.
Relaunch your browser, go to the homepage and try to login again. 
If you are still experiencing problems, email jvini. Include your username and the error message in detail or your email will not be answered.

What if I don’t have access to my email?
If you don’t have access to your email, and therefore cannot re-activate your account, please email jvini. Include the current email on file as well as your username.

User Preferences and Settings

How do I change my settings?
To change any of your profile settings such as password, email, signature, etc., click Manage Profile at the top of any page.

How do I upload an avatar?
The small image (120x120, 20 KB) that appears in your profile and on the left side of your posts is called your avatar. To change it, navigate to the middle of the Profile page and click “Choose File” to locate the image on your hard drive.

Please note the rules regarding avatar content which should not reference drug use, contain partial or full nudity, include profanity, or anything of an offensive nature.

How do I change the stars under my name?
These images are called "ranks." The default ranks are based on post count, and are reflected by a number of stars. Any other ranks ("Sneakerpimps" for example) appear because the user is in a usergroup.

Can I change my username?
No, username changes cannot be accommodated. Note that multiple accounts are strictly prohibited, so creating a new account to satisfy a username change will result in a ban for both accounts.

User Levels and Groups 

What are Moderators?
Moderators or ‘Mods’; are members of the Staff. They have the ability to lock, delete and edit posts. Forum Mods can only moderate certain forums (their username will appear under the forum description on the Index), while Mod Mob can moderate any forum. Staff members can answer your questions and do their best to provide assistance to all users.

What are Administrators?
Administrators or ‘Admins’; are also members of the staff. They have control of the entire board, and unlike Mods, can perform certain administrative functions such as banning. Admin is the highest level of authority of the board.

How can I become a moderator?
We have a nomination process for new members of the Staff. A current Staff member will nominate a user who shows they are knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous in a particular forum. Users who wish to become part of the staff can show these qualities on a consistent basis over a period of time.

What are Usergroups?
Usergroups are different lists of members, each with a unique focus. The description of each group should give you some idea of what each group is looking for. Your rank image will also be changed once you are admitted to a usergroup.

How do I join a usergroup?
We are currently developing a new system to allow membership to a usergroup.

How can I create my own group?
We periodically accept formal usergroup proposals. When this happens, we’ll announce it with very clear guidelines of what we are looking for and how to apply.

Posts & Private Messaging 

How do I create a post or topic?
Please review the How To Guide for more information.

What are private messages?
Private Messages, or ‘PMs’; are messages that can be sent to any user on this board. The message will appear in the user’s Inbox and will be marked as new until it is read. For issues that only concern you and another user, such as Marketplace offers, use the Offer Discussion system.

How do I find out if my message was read?
After a message is sent, it will go to Sent Messages. Once the user opens the message in their Inbox, it will be marked as read. You can check the status of a sent message from the Sent Messages link. A blinking "unread message" will appear in Sent Messages if the message has not been read yet.

Formatting and Topic Types

What are Smileys?
Smileys, or Emotions, are small graphical images which can be used to express some feeling using a short code, e.g. :) means happy, :( means sad. The full list of emotions can be seen via the posting form.

How do I post pictures?
Please review the How To Guide for more information.

What are Announcements & Stickies?
Announcements and Stickies are topics that appear at the very top of a forum. They often contain important information that all members should view, such as news & rules. Only Admins & Mods can post announcements & stickies.

What are Locked topics?
Locked topics are topics that you cannot reply to. When a topic is locked, usually a Staff member will post the reason for the lock. Here is a complete list of the staff. If you have any questions why a certain topic is locked, message one of them.


How do I create a listing?
Please review the How To Guide for more information.

How do I edit/manage my listings?
Click on the Manage Marketplace link at the top of any page, then My Listings.

I received an offer. Now what?
You are allowed to receive multiple offers on a listing to begin negotiation process with prospective buyers. You can either accept the offer, decline the offer or make a counteroffer to the buyer.

I declined an offer. Now what?
If you decline the offer, the buyer has the option of placing a new offer or you may accept another offer you have received.

I accepted an offer. Now what?
Once you accept an offer, you enter into a binding agreement with the user and can converse with the user in the Offer Discussion.

Where do I go to find the offer again?
Click on the Manage Marketplace link at the top of any page, then "Incoming" or "Accepted Offers".

How do I finalize the offer?
If the transaction was successful, return to the Offer Discussion and click "Complete Agreement." At that point, a Feedback Box will appear to leave feedback. If the transaction was unsuccessful, click "Mark Incomplete." which will automatically relist your item and a Feedback Box will appear to leave feedback.

How do I file a feedback dispute?
As per the registration agreement, we are not responsible for any transactions made within our site. Please refer to the Marketplace Safety Guide for instructions for filing a dispute.

How do I bump my listing?
Directly on your listing page, or within My Listings, click the green “Bump” button. You can bump your listings every 48 hours.

How do I search for a specific item?
Go to the Marketplace and use the Quick Search on the left side of the page.

How do I remove my listing?
Go to My listings and click the “X” to the right of the item you would like to remove.

I offered on a listing, but never heard back.
This means one of two things. (1) The seller chose not to respond to the offer. (2) The seller has not had a chance to view your offer. If you do not receive a response once the offer has expired, it is usually best to find another listing of the same item. If you don’t hear back from a seller, it’s probably best you don’t deal with them.

Will potential buyers see how many offers were made and how much the offer was for?
No. Offers and Offer Discussions are private and only viewable by the two users involved.