Nike's original Air Yeezy launched over nine years ago, and it's fair to say that a lot has changed in the world of Kanye's sneakers since that time. The fans who camped out for that first Nike release in 2009 couldn't have possibly envisioned what was coming.

For one thing, the days of camping out for sneakers are all but over. Online-only releases and app-based reservations, like Adidas' Confirmed, have now become the norm for the most hyped releases. And speaking of which, Adidas and Kanye teaming up is another change we never saw coming back then.

We also probably never realized just how expensive those first sneakers, and the Yeezys that have released since, would become. As if retail prices haven't gotten high enough, the resale prices on Kanye West sneakers have reached unimaginable levels.

Just how expensive have those resale prices become? We've compiled a list based on sneaker stock market Stockx's numbers for every Yeezy release to date, and it turns out that buying pairs even for their expensive retail prices were a hell of an investment.