It’s not often that footwear brands team up for a common cause, but the mission to achieve a carbon neutral sneaker led Adidas and Allbirds to do just that.

The rare inner-industry collaboration was announced around this time last year, and after 12 months, the two brands are ready to roll out product. The result of their goal to produce a shoe with zero carbon emissions is known as the Futurecraft Footprint.

While the two brands weren’t able to meet the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality, they did manage to make a pair with 63 percent less emissions than one of Adidas’ comparable running shoes. The fine print (which is scrawled on the midsole) is that each pair has a carbon footprint of just 2.94kg CO2e, while Adidas’ Adizero RC3 shoe measures at 7.86kg CO2e and Allbirds states that a standard sneaker is around 12.5 kg CO2e.

Allbirds x Adidas Futurecraft Footprint (Midsole)
Image via Adidas

The Allbirds x Adidas Futurecraft Footprint is constructed with 70 percent recycled polyester and 30 percent natural Tencel, the latter of which is made from wood pulp. The midsole uses Allbirds’ sugarcane-based Sweetfoam material.

100 pairs of this collaboration will be made available this month through a raffle accessible to Adidas Creators Club members followed by a launch of 10,000 pairs during Fall/Winter 2021 and a wider release during Spring/Summer 2022.

Allbirds x Adidas Futurecraft Footprint (Bottom)
Image via Adidas