Reebok is helping director Mathieu Kassovitz celebrate the 25th anniversary of French cinematic masterpiece La Haine by digging into its footwear archive to bring back sneakers featured in the movie. This limited batch of pairs will release exclusively through a charity auction.

The classic NPC Crest OG, Classic Leather OG, and NL PARIS models serve as a callback to the shoes that the characters Vinz, Said, and Hubert wore throughout the film. Only 25 units for each model, each signed by Kassovitz, will release. Each is individually numbered.

Readers interested in bidding for the La Haine x Reebok collection can do so now on The bidding for the pairs starts at €120, which converts to roughly $141 per pair. All proceeds will benefit the association ONE that's based in Chanteloup-les-Vignes, which is the original location where the movie was filmed. The auction will end on Sept. 27.

Reebok will continue its La Haine project in October with a wider range of items releasing at French sneaker chain Courir.

La Haine x Reebok Classic Leather Pair
Image via Drouot Paris
La Haine x Reebok NL Paris Pair
Image via Drouot Paris