Top fashion designers across the globe have come together for a special charity auction benefiting the French #ProtegeTonSoignant initiative for coronavirus relief.

Among those involved in this charity named La Mode S’Engage includes fashion label Sacai with its donation of two custom Nike LDWaffle styles available for bidding right now. The special shoes each feature the words "#ProtegeTonSoignant" embroidered on the sides which translates to "Protect Your Caregiver." At the time of writing this, the white colorway is going for €9150 (around $10,000 USD) while the black iteration is bidding for €2500 (roughly $2,750).

The La Mode S’Engage charity auction will be live until May 4. All proceeds from this auction will help provide medical equipment to the hospitals and healthcare workers in France.

Sacai x Nike LDWaffle Black Custom Coronavirus Relief
Image via La Mode S'Engage