For the "Sneaker Shopping" Season 10 finale, Lil Wayne hits Neiman Marcus in Miami with Complex's Joe La Puma and talks about his favorite sneakers to skate in, classic New Orleans and Cash Money style, and how his deal with Supra went wrong.

The endorsement deal between Supra and Wayne was made official in 2012, and a year later fans saw the release of his Chimera sneaker—which he believed looked too similar to the Nike Air Yeezys.

"That whole deal right there got messed up because they didn't want to do what I wanted to do," says Wayne about his partnership with Supra. "They started the uprising of Yeezy shoes at that time, so when they came at me with the idea and said this is the shoe we want to put out, I was like 'It looks just like Kanye's shoe.'" I was still skating in Supras but not in my shoes. That's why It didn't work."

Make sure to check out a full episode above to see what sneakers the Grammy-winning artist walked away with.