Kerwin Frost is kicking off the year off strong with his announcement of a brand new partnership with Adidas.

Thanks to GQ, we're learning that Frost will be able to create his own sneakers, apparel, and ad campaigns for the Three Stripes. To give fans a preview of what to expect between the duo, a set of bizarre campaign photos show Kerwin as an alien, as a hunchback, and as a yeti.

"I wanted to work with Adidas for a long, long time,” says Frost. “I was always just banging on the doors—maybe for four years.” Eventually, one opened. Today, he’s cagey about what, exactly, the deal entails. “Basically, I'm collaborating with them on footwear apparel, campaigns, the whole nine,” he says. It’ll start dropping later this year, and you can expect them to be deeply "Kerwinized": “I'm not just doing colorways.”

While the official release information has yet to be made available, Frost has confirmed that his first-ever Adidas project will be releasing sometime later this year. Check back soon for updates.

Image via Adidas/GQ
Image via Adidas/GQ