Two individuals have been arrested near the Nike Company Store in Beaverton, Oregon yesterday after the buyer was reportedly scammed out of his purchases of passes into the store.

According to Flashalert Newswire, the two parties connected through the Offer Up app where the 31-year-old Rafael Martinez Jr. agreed to sell the 21-year-old Jin Hu passes to the Swoosh's company store. Although Hu sent the money, he never received the promised passes, which lead to him creating a different profile to set up an in-person meeting with Martinez. When he arrived, Hu flashed a handgun in an attempt to scare the seller into providing the passes for which he had previously paid for.

Police from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the scene of the altercation, which took place in a parking lot near the Nike Company Store. Both men have been arrested and were booked into the Washington County Jail.