DJ Khaled is back in the sneaker headlines today after being named Snipes' newest Chief Creative Officer.

The latest news was announced by Sven Voth, the current CEO of the German-based sneaker retailer in an interview with Fast Company where the Miami-based music mogul spoke vaguely about his newest position at Snipes but one of his objectives will be producing collaborations with artists. Earlier this year, Khaled dropped a limited apparel collection with the retailer, which Voth said drove a massive amount of awareness to the brand that it led to them thinking about deepening their relationship with Khaled.

"Culture is where Khaled feels that Snipes is a natural fit because he already reps it," says Voth. "I really live the lifestyle of sneakers and apparel. I lived that before I met Snipes.” Growing up, Khaled worked in a sneaker store and used to slip free mixtapes into shoeboxes before handing them over to customers. Nowadays, the lifestyle is visible in how he dresses. “If you know Khaled, that’s part of his whole thing.”

Earlier this year, Snipes was acquired by Philadelphia-based retailer KicksUSA and began its expansion into the U.S. market. The retailer currently stocks various brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma in its retail locations and online and currently has 130 locations across Germany.