It's been in the works for well over a year, and now Nike has confirmed that Tom Sachs' Mars Yard and Mars Yard Overshoe will be released in kids sizes.

After info leaked in April 2018 and Sachs' wife shared an image of a miniature Mars Yard sneaker, talks of kids sizes went quiet for the remainder of the year. Tom Sachs ended up dropping a souped up, shrouded version of the sneaker known as the Mars Yard Overshoe, but kids were left empty-handed. That will change soon with the introduction of both the Mars Yard and the Mars Yard Overshoe in crib and toddler sizes.

Said to be partially inspired by a 1980 Tinker Hatfield design intended to provide adequate athletic needs for a baby, Sachs was driven to create the kids-sized shoes to help get his son involved in his work at an early age. "Bottom line, my son, Guy Louis Armstrong Sachs, is on the sculpture team now," Sachs said. "He's an important part of the team and he's got his French work smock, his 10 bullets onesie and, now, he has his Mars Yards."

Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard
Image via Nike

While the kids variations aren't quite as advanced as their adult counterparts, Sachs says it was important for the shoes to have some functionality, which is delivered through a flexible sole and Velcro collar closure. "The shoe is very, very flexible and that's what you ultimately want when developing a strong new member of the team—you don't want a lot of structure," Sachs said.

Both the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard and Mars Yard Overshoe will release Wednesday, Oct. 9 in crib sizes 1C to 4C and toddler sizes 5C to 10C.

Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard and Mars Yard Overshoe (Boxes)
Image via Nike