It's been a rollercoaster ride for Big Baller Brand, and it looks like things could finally be coming to an end. 

The Ball family's ambitious sneaker company was launched in 2017, coming out of the gate with $495 pre-orders and plans to compete with Nike. Things would only get stranger from there as father LaVar did his best to control the signature sneaker destinies of his sons. By March of this year, reports emerged that Lonzo had parted ways with business manager and Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster, who was accused of embezzling $1.5 million from the NBA star.

The latest wrinkle in the seemingly never-ending saga is perhaps the most telling. Upon visiting Big Baller Brand's website, users are met with the brand's logo and instructed to click it to shop online. Rather than direct shoppers to the latest BBB kicks, the site points to the personal homepage of Foster himself. While this could potentially be a temporary glitch or mistake, sports business reporter Darren Rovell sees it as something bigger, calling the brand "officially dead."

Just last week, TMZ asked LaVar about his sons potentially signing with Nike. "Everybody is scouting LaMelo. It's okay though—I said it is a family brand, didn't I?...[Lonzo] ain't signing with nobody. Big Baller Brand. That's what I said," LaVar said, hinting at a resurgence for the brand.

Check back soon for developments on Big Baller Brand's future.

UPDATE (10/23): After rumors surfaced this morning of Big Baller Brand's demise, the brand is shutting down the speculation and directing visitors to rather than Its full statement is included below.

The Big Baller Brand is alive and well. The brand has been restructuring and we are working to reveal the new website in the next few weeks. It will have a new look and new name –

LaVar Ball has put a great team of seasoned industry professionals in place to move the brand forward with exciting new products along with signature shoes and sportswear.

Unfortunately, Alan Foster continues to try and leverage the Ball Family name  for his own gain. Alan Foster is a convicted felon who served 7 years in jail for defrauding people out of their money. He is a thief and con man and cannot be believed or trusted. We are monitoring the issue & will continue to do so.