For the latest episdoe of Complex Closets, host Joe La Puma visits Tyga's Los Angeles mansion to take a look at his impressive collection of sneakers.

The multi-platinum rapper's collection spans over four different closets, and includes pairs like Kanye West's highly-coveted Bapesta collaboration, Louis Vuitton sneakers design by Virgil Abloh, "Jedi" Nike SB Dunks, and a plethora of one-of-one custom Nike Air Force 1s. Along with the shoes, Tyga also shows off his impressive collection of designer clothes, sunglasses, belts, and more.

"Bapes have just always been something growing up, in high school and middle school, they were just crazy," said Tyga. "From the Clipse influence, to Pharrell, to Nigo, to even [Lil] Wayne going crazy with them. The only thing about a lot of the Bapestas is that they're so old and original that they start to turn yellow."

Take a look at the entire episode above for the full look at Tyga's closets.