Although he officially hung up his jersey in 2011, Shaquille O'Neal continues to have an impact on the sneaker industry, whether it be through his budget-friendly Walmart shoes or desires to become a part owner of Reebok. Now, Shaq is lending his name to a new kid's basketball line by Skechers, the first of its kind from the brand.

Available now in two models—the Durafusion and the Powershot—the shoes in Shaq's first line with Skechers are priced at a relatively affordable $52 apiece. The Durafusion uses a knitted upper and comes in black/lime (pictured), black/red, and black/gray, while the strap-equipped Powershot is available in black/red (pictured), black/royal blue, and charcoal. Whether they're worth the asking price or not is entirely up to the reader. 

Skechers Shaq Durafusion
Image via Skechers

"I think kids are going to love the way the new styles look and they’ll love playing in them even more,” Shaq said in a press release last month. “These boys and girls might not be dunking yet, but I can’t wait to see them posting up in their new Shaq by Skechers footwear!”

Anyone who's looking to lace up their little ones in O'Neal's latest can shop the Shaq by Skechers collection here.

Skechers Shaq Powershot
Image via Skechers