LeBron James may be the "King," but when it comes to the NBA's most valuable sneaker deals, he still isn't coming close to Michael Jordan.

Forbes broke down the league's top-earning shoe deals yesterday and while the findings aren't necessarily surprising, they drive home just how much of an influence MJ's brand continues to have in the footwear space. As Jordan Brand wholesale revenue jumped to a massive $3.14 billion this fiscal year, MJ will see an estimated cut of $130 million. This not only makes up the large majority of Jordan's total estimated revenue of $145 million, but dwarfs the league's most successful active players.

Sliding in at the second-highest earner behind Jordan's $130 million is James, who is expected to make $32 million this year. Kevin Durant is a close third with $26 million while Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry fill in the fourth and fifth spots making $20 million and $16 million, respectively.

Analyst John Kernan chalks up Jordan's ability to remain relevant far beyond his playing days to the brand's mastery of supply and demand as well as a steady influx of new colorways and retros. Furthermore, he says the brand is on track to grow even larger. "There is enormous potential," Kernan said. "It can be much bigger than a $3 billion brand."

Jordan's estimated 2019 earnings of $130 million are up $20 million from last year.