Last month, a pair of Nike Moon Shoes from 1972 shattered the record for the most expensive sneaker sale, bringing in $437,500 at Stadium Goods and Sotheby's "Ultimate Sneaker Collection" auction. While it's unlikely that the number will be surpassed anytime soon, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted has some suggestions for Three Stripes enthusiasts who may be looking for a similar come up.

"I would probably venture [to guess the] Stan Smith or something like that," Rorsted said while speaking with CNBC this morning. "If you can get ahold of one from the '70s ... I would probably look upon one of the very first Stan Smiths, or one of the very first Superstars. But [the Moon Shoe sale] shows you how great of an investment it is to buy sneakers."

Originally introduced in 1963 as the Adidas Robert Haillet, the brand's influential leather tennis shoe was branded with Stan Smith's face and name during the '70s—which is coincidentally the same time period in which Nike's record-setting Moon Shoe was produced. 

Despite Rorsted's optomistic suggestion, an eBay search shows that while vintage deadstock Stan Smiths can in fact go for big money, they're not quite yet in Moon Shoe territory. A new pair from the '70s is currently available with a Buy It Now asking price of $1,299.