For this week's episode of Complex's Sneaker Shopping, host Joe La Puma is joined by rapper Lil Skies at Rif Los Angeles. 

Throughout the interview, the 20-year old discusses being influenced by Lil Wayne growing up, buying Nike Air Force 1 Lows in bulk to always have a fresh pair, wanting to have his own Air Jordan collaboration one day, being a big fan of G-Unit, supporting up-and-coming clothing brands, and more.

"I mess with kids' brands that I like. If I like it, I'm going to wear it. I show that love because, as rappers, we show a lot of love to designers, and they don't do shit for us. I'd rather do it for these kids," says Skies. "I don't get a check for this shit either. I just do it for the love. I really want to help the culture, and help these kids grow, and give them a voice if I can."

Check out the entire episode, and all of the pairs that Lil Skies walked away with in the video player above.