The latest episode of Complex's hit series Sneaker Shopping features the two stars of Jordan Peele's brand new horror film Us, Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke. 

Both movie stars discussed the popular new film, their African and Caribbean roots influencing their interest in fashion, LeBron James reacting to the Us trailer, Spike Lee wearing special edition Air Jordan 3s at the 2019 Oscars, Jordan Peele's shoe game, director Ryan Coogler noticing when Nyong'o wore one of Kendrick Lamar's Nike collabs on set, and more. 

"I was wearing Kendrick Lamar's ["Cortez Kenny" Nike Cortez]. I thought they were really fly. I didn't know how fly they were until Ryan [Coogler] clocked them," said Nyong'o. 

"That's the thing about Ryan. He's just keyed into all different facets of the culture whether it's shoes, music...any reference, he's on it," Duke said. 

For a look at the pairs that Nyong'o and Duke walked away with and the entire interview, check out the full episode in the video player above.