Over the course of his 14-year NBA career, Allen Iverson built a legacy that extended far beyond the basketball court. Sure, he has his signature moments like crossing over Michael Jordan as a rookie or stepping over Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals, but his lasting impact on the style and demeanor of the modern day basketball player is just as important. It has resulted in a ripple effect that can still be noticed today in the tunnel before games or on the court whenever you see a player rocking a shooting sleeve or cornrows, garb he referred to as his "superhero costume" whenever he took the floor. 

To the city of Philadelphia, the Hall of Fame point guard is even more than that. Considered one of the Philadelphia 76ers most beloved players, the 6-foot guard from Georgetown is still revered wherever he goes. Simply put, he is a Philly icon. That is why The Answer was the perfect person to help Foot Locker celebrate the opening of one of its newest location, a Power Store in the Philadelphia area. More specifically, Iverson, arguably the most important signature athlete in Reebok's history, was in attendance to celebrate the brand's "Alter the Icons" campaign. 

"You got guys that got relationships with their city: Michael Jordan in Chicago, LeBron [James] in Cleveland, but the relationship I have with the people in [Philadelphia] is like no other. It doesn't get any better or more authentic,"said Iverson during a panel discussion at Reebok's "Be Your Own Icon" event. 

The "Alter the Icons" campaign takes a look at classic silhouettes from across Reebok's history and puts a fresh spin on them with details like bold colors, new overlays, and different branding. In honor of Reebok's "Alter the Icons" campaign looking back at retro sneakers, we asked Iverson to take a trip down memory lane, look at some of the lesser-discussed pairs form his extensive signature line, and see if he would make any tweaks to them. While pairs like the OG Question and Answer 4 can still be seen on-court or at retailers with much more frequency, these pairs might be forgotten by some.

Here's what AI had to say about them all these years later.