For this week's episode of Complex's hit series Sneaker Shopping, host Joe La Puma hits up Stadium Goods in New York City with singer Billie Eilish.

During the interview, the 17-year old discusses liking chunkier sneaker designs, her love for unconventional Air Jordan models like the 15 and 19, wearing her "Ghost Green" Jordan Legacy 312 into the ground, potentially working with Jordan Brand in the future, and how Riff Raff's viral hit "TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ" is how she originally learned about Air Jordans. 

"That was it. I didn't even know what Jordans were until I heard that shit," said Eilish. "I remember going into a thrift store when I was like 11 or something. I remember as I walked into the door, completely on the other side of the store, was a big shoe rack with all these janky ass, beat up shoes and right in the middle was a pair of [Air Jordan] 4s. I grew up without a lot of money, so it was not like I could afford them. So, to find them in the thrift store was huge for me."

To hear the entire interview and see the pairs that Eilish walked away with, check out the full episode in the video player above.