With the insane number of sneakers being produced nowadays, there is bound to be a few on the production line that don't get completed exactly how they are supposed to. Most of the time the flaws you see make it to retail are minor things like glue stains or loose stitching. Anything major usually gets scrapped before it can ever see the light of day. In this case, one of the major flaws slipped through quality control.

Vice recently paid a visit to Andrea Canziani, owner of Milan-based consignment shop Dropout Milano. Canziani owns a defective pair of "Reverse Shattered Backboard" Air Jordan 1s with an upside-down Swoosh sitched on the medial side of the left sneaker. The pair was originally purchased from a Foot Locker in Italy back in 2016. Rather than return the pair for a refund like most people might have felt inclined to do when they saw the egregious flaw, Canziani has turned it into the main attraction of his storefront. 

Canziani now keeps the shoe in a display case at Dropout. He claims he has been offered $3,000 for the pair. While its exact value is unknown, he also says it has been estimated to be worth roughly $140,000—although Canziani doesn't specify who appraised the flawed sneakers.  "It's like winning the lotto," he told Vice. He hopes to one day sell the pair at auction and donate a percentage of the money to charity. 

Check out the full video in the player above.