On the latest episode of Complex's Sneaker Shopping, host Joe La Puma hits up Barneys New York with rap superstar Future.

The Atlanta legend discusses his love for high fashion sneakers, shopping at well-known mom-and-pop store Walter's when he was growing up, collaborating with Reebok, and how much he spends on clothing every month.

"I do this every time. I buy my little girl 10, 20 pairs of Chanels. She ain't nothing but nine years old. She got more bags than grown ladies," he said. "I'm embarrassed to shop in front of y'all. Y'all might be thinking I'm trolling, but I do this shit for real. I shop everyday. I probably spend $200,000 to $300,000 on clothes a month."

Make sure to check our the full interview above to see Future spend a Sneaker Shopping record $38,971 on tons of high end sneakers and clothing.