Things got a little heated at a recent release for the "Rookie of the Year" Air Jordan 1 in China when one customer decided to try and cut in front of some people in line. 

According to Daily Mirror, the altercation took place at a Nike store at the Changsha IFS Tower in China. One questionable customer tried to jump ahead in the lineup of more than 500 people, and things didn't end too well for him. A handful of the customers he tried to supersede immediately began throwing punches and kicks at him for his questionable choice.

A shopper told Daily Mirror, "It was chaos on the day, and he wasn't the only one trying to queue-jump, but he stood right next to the door."

While we don't condone any violence or wish anyone harm, we also don't condone slipping past a dozen people in line waiting for a new pair of sneakers to drop either. Take a look at the clip in the video player above.