Things got a little testy this morning at a release for the Air Jordan 1 "Origin Story" in London. Customers at End. Clothing got into an altercation outside of the store while they were waiting for the Spider-Man-themed sneaker. The retailer was forced to cancel the release.

It is unclear what initially caused the scuffle, but in the short video clip people can be seen swinging chairs at each other like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

End. has issued an official statement regarding this morning's altercation.

"The safety of our customers and team are the most important aspect of any launch. Following an unfortunate incident outside our London Store today, all London releases are on-hold while we re-evaluate how to safely release product in the store,” End. Head of Retail Frances Slowey told Sole Collector. 

A similar situation recently occurred at a Nike store in China during a lineup for the "Rookie of the Year" Air Jordan 1. Hopefully, this doesn't start to become a frequent occurrence. If you're going to stand in line for a big sneaker drop, do it peacefully please everyone.