The intergalactic match-up between the Tune Squad and Monstars was a marketing exec’s dream. Twenty-two years after its release, the movie still ranks as the number one basketball movie of all-time with domestic gross totals over $90 billion and counting. The success wasn’t limited to the actual film itself. In fact, Space Jam was a full-on marketing juggernaut. The worlds of film, sports, animation, and sneakers merged to maximize the licensing opportunities. In 1996, it was impossible to look anywhere and not see Space Jam plastered on everything from toys and apparel to Wheaties boxes and pillowcases. Chicago Tribune once estimated the film’s merchandise generated $4 to $6 billion over time.

The movie holds a special place for sneakerheads. The connection between Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny formed during the “Hare Jordan” commercial, which initially aired in a 1992 Super Bowl ad spot. The massive success of the commercial ultimately led to full-length film. The timing could not have been more perfect. Jordan had recently retired from basketball at peak stardom as the biggest athlete in the world. Warner Brothers was looking for a way to bring the Looney Tunes franchise back. The end result is the highest rated basketball movie of all-time.

Today, the film lives on in pop culture beyond the retroing of Space Jam related footwear and apparel by Nike. With what seems like hundreds of licenses given out, there are tons of products still available today inspired by Jordan and his animated counterparts. We dug around to find a few of the weirdest pieces of movie memorabilia related to the flick. Some are affordable, others may require maxing out a credit card. But what are a few dollars when it means the chance to own keepsakes related to best basketball movie ever?