Believe it or not, rare sneakers being returned to stores isn't unheard of. It happened earlier this year with Yeezys, and anyone who lives near an outlet probably has at least a few stories of come-ups thanks to random returns. But a pair of Nike Mags? Highly unlikely to say the least. 

That's what makes this clip from Sole Fire Sneakers so amusing to watch. The YouTuber tasks his grandfather with pretending to return a pair of Mags to various mall stores, acting as if he's none the wiser of the sneaker's extremely coveted status. The grandpa tells the employees he's looking for store credit since his grandson got the wrong size. In response, the workers are taken aback to say the least, with one manager saying it was the "coolest thing that's come into her store" in 13 years.

While it's hard to tell for sure if the shoes in the video are real or not, the reactions are genuinely hilarious. Watch the clip above to find out how it all plays out.