Comparisons to Michael Jordan have been part of LeBron James' story since high school, when he was pegged as an heir to the throne in the post-Jordan NBA. Unlike many before him, James has lived up to the expectations, fueling a sports debate as polarizing as any. While the two stanbases make their cases, a mutual respect exists between the two hoop icons. For tonight's game against the Atlanta Hawks in Los Angeles, James used his sneakers to pay tribute to Jordan.

James unveiled a never-before-seen Nike LeBron 15 styled after Jordan's "Black Metallic" Air Jordan 5 PE from 1990. Not only does the shoe feature a black base, '23' embroidery, 'teeth' detailing and reflective elements, but the white laces and red lace lock mimic Jordan's personal pair.

Michael Jordan Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic PE White Laces 1990
Image via Allsport for Getty Images

As of now, this pair is exclusive to James and no plans to release the shoe have been announced.

Nike LeBron 15 Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic PE Front
Image via LeBron James
Nike LeBron 15 Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic PE
Image via Adam Pantozzi for Getty Images