Michael Jordan has made a multi-million investment in the Friends of the Children nonprofit.

The organization provides high risk youth with a professional mentor throughout their time in school. The mentor stays with the children from kindergarten until they graduate high school.

"What stood out to me about Friends of the Children was that they employ and train their mentors and that they commit to every child for 12 and a half years," Jordan said in an official press release. "That dedication is important to me. My mentors believed in me and taught me the power of perseverance. I want youth in Friends of the Children to see that they have that same potential."

His donation will benefit Friend of the Children's goal of expanding to 25 cities by 2025 with more specific focus being put on their work in Charlotte and Chicago. The nonprofit currently has locations in 15 cities across the US and UK.

"It’s not every day that you get a call that Michael Jordan—arguably the most famous athlete in the world— had heard about your organization and wanted to support it. We got that call,"said Friends of the Children CEO Terri Sorensen. "We are thrilled beyond measure for this generous gift and recognition for our lasting impact."

This is not the first time that MJ has assisted Friends of the Children. This past May, he donated proceeds from the sale's of his commemorative "Last Shot" jersey released by Nike to the cause as well. 

Jordan's latest donation will come from the proceeds from his upcoming 10-part documentary series with ESPN Films and Netlfix, The Last DanceThe series is scheduled to premiere in 2019.