Reebok has been synonymous with running shoes for decades, and its work in the '90s was some of the most progressive in the industry. Starting with the Pump Graphlite in 1993, the brand laid the foundation for the Instapump Fury in 1994 and the Opus in 1998. 

Those sneakers were created by the trio of Steven Smith, Paul Litchfield, and Peter Foley, and Full Size Run co-host Matt Welty got the chance to talk to them at Reebok's HQ in Boston. Not only did they talk about what went into making those shoes, but they segued the conversation into retroing the Opus and what it took to make the new 3D.OP with the shoe's designer, Carlos Escobar.

Watch the conversation above to get a quick history lesson and get caught up to date with what Reebok has going on right now.