After the Question, the Reebok Answer 1 may be Allen Iverson's next most popular signature sneaker. The model last hit retail in 2013, when a range of original and new colorways were made available. Strangely absent from that lineup, or any Answer 1 lineup since 1998, was the original white and red colorway. Arguably the model's most beloved colorway, white and red has been absent from stores for the last 20 years, but that appears to be changing soon.

According to K3vinq, the colorway is finally making its return this year, beginning with a China exclusive drop on Sept. 22. Stateside Iverson fans will also have an opportunity to purchase the shoe sometime later this year.

In addition to the Answer 1 retro, Reebok recently released the Answer 4.5 and plans to introduce a new hyrbid as part of an I3 relaunch in the coming months.

Allen Iverson Reebok Answer 1 1998
Image via The Sporting News for Getty Images