While many were celebrating Labor Day, Nike kicked off the week with a bang by naming Colin Kaepernick as the face of its 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign.

The polarizing ad drew plenty of support from consumers and Kaepernick's peers alike, but not everyone got behind the message, with some people calling for boycotts against the Swoosh. Unsurprisingly, president Donald Trump even got in on the debate, tweeting numerous shots at Nike throughout the week. 

But despite talks of buyer backlash, data shows that Nike is actually thriving amid the controversy. Today, MarketWatch published findings from e-commerce research company Edison Trends which indicate that the Swoosh nearly doubled its Labor Day Weekend numbers from the year prior.

Nike's online sales reportedly jumped 31 percent from Sunday to Tuesday, the day after the campaign's initial debut. Meanwhile, during the same period in 2017, online sales increased by only 17 percent.

After news broke of the campaign on Monday, Nike doubled down on its stance by purchasing a primetime commercial slot for its "Dream Crazy" ad during last night's NFL season opener.