After Nike threw its support behind Colin Kaepernick, celebrities from all corners spoke up to voice their support for the Swoosh. Now, one of the brand's closest collaborators is giving his thoughts on the controversial campaign.

Sole Collector spoke with Don C at the unveiling of his Converse ERX collab earlier this month to get his take. "You know how we always abruptly say, 'What's up, bro? What's up, fam?' It's a mundane thing for a lot of people, but I really mean it. I think Nike shows that it really is fam when they do things," Don C said.

"You stand beside [your family] no matter. Even if you disagree with [them], you can still support them. I think it's amazing. One of the things I love about the Nike umbrella is that they use their resources to really help others, so that's why I don't look at it as 'the man' or anything like that. When I do my Nike campaign, when I do my Converse campaign, we always have initiatives to help the community," he explained.

And when it comes to Kaepernick himself, Don gives the former NFL quarterback plenty of praise. "It's amazing to give super props to Kaepernick. He is the greatest American hero, because he is displaying the utmost American, peaceful protesting," the Just Don designer said.